Zwolle Hanse City

ZWOLLE A dynamic Hanseatic city!

Benefit from the vitality of the region and come and celebrate life with us!

Welcome to Zwolle, a thriving Hanseatic town with a historical town centre where life is celebrated. A town inhabited by creative students, inventive entrepreneurs and passionate freethinkers, where people believe that life is better when shared with others. Within the bounds of our old town walls, you will discover a plethora of cultural and culinary delights. Countless festivals, the Netherlands’ best restaurants, high-profile exhibitions and the country’s most beautiful bookshop are just a few of the things you’ll find in this old Hanseatic town, against a wonderful backdrop of mediaeval architecture.

In addition to enjoying the good things in life together, we like doing business together here. Zwolle’s economy of sharing dates back all the way to the Middle Ages. As a part of the Hanseatic League, we worked in close cooperation with other international cities, which brought us a great deal of prosperity. To this very day, we are the country’s most economically successful region. Thanks to intensive collaboration between the business community and educational institutions, and thanks to its easy accessibility, the greater Zwolle region is a very powerful and forward-looking environment for students as well as companies. The region’s business model is simple but brilliant: we are happy to see others succeed and like to lend each other a helping hand!

Major economic region

Students, entrepreneurs and administrators have collaborated here for years to keep prosperity and public well-being at the same high level

The greater Zwolle region has been in the top-5 of the Netherlands’ economic growth regions for the last ten years. The many crossovers between students, the business community and government agencies have resulted in many innovative projects coming together. More than 10% of the companies ranked in the Innovative Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Top-100 hail from this region.

From the ‘greenest’ IKEA branch to Wehkamp’s largest e-commerce distribution centre, the greater Zwolle region is attracting world firsts! Due to Zwolle’s geographical position and excellent accessibility, the region is attracting multinational companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and independent professionals. Together, they generate dynamics that result in the creation of many jobs. It is, for this reason, not very surprising to learn that unemployment rates are lower here than the national average.

Lively city centre

Zwolle’s lively streets are full of cheerful students, inventive entrepreneurs, original freethinkers and creative doers.

You will quickly feel welcome in Zwolle, a modern city with a rich and fascinating history which makes for a great walk. Our historical town centre with its old canals is home to many places of great significance. The Hanseatic League’s warehouses and homes with grand façades point to the origin of our prosperity. To this day, Johan Cele’s famous Latin School symbolises innovative education. Enjoy the atmosphere of Thorbecke’s day and discover why Zwolle inspired, and still continues to inspire, great thinkers.

Once you have completed your exploration of Zwolle’s history, be sure to sample the city’s many restaurants and cafés, with or without outdoor seating area. Tantalise your taste buds with De Librije’s famous haute cuisine, or allow yourself to be surprised by the many other excellent chefs in our city. Take a walk across centuries-old squares and discover small and intimate pubs, modern pop-up restaurants, lunchrooms serving delicious organic food and super healthy juice bars.

Strolling through the town centre, you will automatically end up at two of Zwolle’s most striking institutions. Zwolle is proud to be home to De Fundatie Museum and Waanders bookshop in De Broeren neighbourhood. Lose yourself in high-profile exhibitions and in the wonderful world of books. One glance from De Fundatie’s remarkable window will suffice: you’ll have Zwolle’s town centre at your feet. 

High-quality education

Young visionaries looking for jobs who create opportunities and aren’t afraid of a bit of hard work are choosing to be educated at the highest level.

Our universities and universities of applied sciences attract national attention because of their quality and capacity for innovation. They attract new thinkers and doers – visionaries who don’t sit and wait for things to happen, but create their own opportunities and jobs with which they shape the world around them. Modern education as we know it in the Western world was established by Johan Cele in Zwolle in the Middle Ages, so we can rightfully say that our excellent education system is informed by centuries-old experiences.   

To this day, the greater Zwolle region is one of the most prosperous areas in the Netherlands, so students are almost guaranteed to find a job after completing their degree. Our lively town centre is known for its culinary and cultural hotspots and extravagant festivals. Over 40,000 students are enjoying life here, with all its promises of future success!